RTD Light Rail Track Replacement

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) serves the Denver Metropolitan area with rail and bus service. Several RTD light rail lines run through Downtown Denver with service running every few minutes during peak hours.

The light rail grade crossing at Speer Boulevard had dropped several inches after years of use and needed to be replaced.  Construction at this location posed challenges due to its proximity to the convention center as well as its orientation across a major thoroughfare.

Krische Construction, along with RTD and our subcontractors, held planning meetings to ensure that the construction, once started, could be completed within a very tight timeframe. Demolition commenced at the beginning of a long weekend, and crews worked around the clock to complete this project before business traffic began Monday morning. These planning meetings were critical to completing this time-sensitive project.

During construction, the existing rail, concrete, asphalt, and subgrade were removed. The subgrade was raised with concrete, and prefabricated concrete panels and rails were installed.

Original drone video provided by Scott Nix at Nixcavating, Inc.

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